Man camps

Creating communities with man camps

Looking to save costs by moving your workforce closer to your project’s location? Modular and prefabricated man camps provide the perfect solution. Modular man camps have a dormitory setting where you can offer amenities, food, and security at an affordable price.

Why man camps?

When a project needs a larger workforce for a longer period of time, man camps are the perfect solution. The dormitory setting of modular man camps can house your entire workforce at an affordable price. Man camps provide peace of mind, knowing your workforce is protected against weather, has the same amenities they have at home, and has an easy commute to the working site.

Why modular construction?

Modular construction means the pieces of your man camp are built under the protection of a factory. This means cheaper costs by requiring less time and no delays due to unforeseen weather circumstances. Once the individual pieces are created, the camp is put together on-site. The modular man camp dormitories provide all the same comforts of a typical site-built home at a fraction of the cost.

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