Disaster relief housing

Healing communities through disaster relief housing

After a disaster, the time to act is now. Whether a hurricane, earthquake, effects of war, and more, communities can be destroyed, leaving people with nowhere to go. Modular Disaster Relief Housing provides quality, affordable housing, restrooms, treatment facilities, and more to impacted communities: fast.

Temporary housing

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial to get a roof over survivors’ and volunteers’ heads as quickly as possible. Temporary modular housing can be placed wherever it is needed and provide quality housing to those affected communities and falls anywhere from single-family units to large dormitories.

Treatment facilities

After a community destroying event, hospitals and medical buildings are required to care for the injured. Modular treatment facilities offer quality space to care for the community, from medical wings to offices for strategic planning.

Disaster relief restrooms

Modular disaster relief restrooms benefit both affected community members and volunteers. Private restrooms allow for cleaning up after a disaster and for daily use while the community rebuilds.

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