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Affordable & scalable housing solutions for any industry

Finding affordable housing quickly for your workforce is often a massive undertaking with many challenges. We aim to simplify that process by using our experience to expedite the process and simply get you affordable, quality housing solutions fast with as little hassle as possible. In addition, our modular construction allows for scalable, fast housing solutions to meet the needs of your growing workforce.

Why modular construction?

Modular construction is the most effective construction method to build your workforce housing. The factory-built process allows for the most efficient and affordable solution due to labor efficiencies, ease of fabrication, reduced site disruptions, and access to consistent building materials supply chains. Modular homes are also more environmentally friendly than traditional on-site construction by reducing waste and mitigating transportation emissions. Simply put, Modular construction is the most economical, provides the highest quality, and is the most eco-friendly.

The process

Workforce housing is an important consideration. Here at Worldwide Employee Housing Services, we divide the journey into 4 simple steps and walk you through the process of supplying quality accommodations for your workforce.

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Floor plan selection

The first step in finding quality accommodations for your workforce is finding the right floor plan. View a wide range of models, dormitories, and temporary housing and select the best option for your needs. Once selected, any site preparation can begin.



Every man camp, dormitory, and single-family home is crafted in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility. The factory production of your workforce housing allows for faster turnarounds at an affordable price. The process also eliminates the need for any excess waste.



The third step of the process is transporting your quality workforce accommodation to the on-site location. We help you acquire all the necessary permits and pick the most efficient routes to get your workforce housing where it needs to be.



The fourth and final step begins after the arrival of your workforce housing. Your quality workforce accommodations are secured to their foundations, utilities are connected, and all final finishes are completed in preparation for occupancy.